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Provincial Nominee Program

Many provinces in Canada have their own nomination programs to provide immigration channels for those who are willing to settle there. In recent years, the more popular ones are BCPNP, OINP, NSNP, SINP, PEI PNP, etc.

Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Four Provinces Immigration Program (AIP) is a fast-track immigration program launched by the Canadian Federal Government in the four Atlantic provinces. It is a type of employer-sponsored immigration for foreign workers.


Child care (nanny) and elder care immigration Caregivers is a pilot project that lasts for 5 years and is divided into [family child care] and [family service work care, elder care] according to different service targets.

Provincial Nominees (Entrepreneurs)

Every province in Canada wants to attract high-quality senior managers and entrepreneurs to invest locally so as to bring employment opportunities to local people and help local economic development. Each province has different immigration programs for entrepreneurs.

Start-up Visa

Startup Visa (SUV) is to attract more international talents and entrepreneurs with technical expertise and innovative technology to bring development potential and high-tech projects to Canada, thereby promoting and stimulating Canadian economic development.